Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cd dvd media storage cabinets discount

It is nice to get home again after a few days away in a foreign country. What was interesting to see whilst I was away was how much globalization is taking over the world and to a large degree how many shops and stores are exactly the same than in my own country. I can remember seeing so many cd dvd media storage cabinets discount related advetisements and information plastered all over the place that are the exact same as at home just in another language. Maybe one day I will find a country where the pace of globalization has not taken over yet so I don't have to look at cd dvd media storage cabinets discount related advetisements!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Black laminate cd media storage

A friend gave me two 17 inch monitors last week and I had fun setting them up for dual screens on my computer. Came at just the right time as my monitor finally bit the dust last month after hard usage for at least 6 years. Dual screens are pretty cool really because you can accomplish many more things at one time and in the long run save time to. For example on my main screen I can check my web site stats on black laminate cd media storage while playing an online game on the other monitor. lol okay has more uses than that but you get the picture. It actually doubles the space you have to do work in, spreadsheet on one screen, browse the internet on the other. Windows XP makes setting them up really easy and I would recommend this to anyone who can get their hands on two monitors.